Well,  it's here!   Twin Turbo 406/700R4 powered S-10 Blazer!   

(more pics to come,  as i find them)  All of these pictures are from last weekend 9-13-2002.


1985 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer
400 Chevy small block
700R4 Trans (my favorite part!)
3.73 gears  (on my 3rd 10 bolt so far in 15k miles,  i love blowing these things up!)
Holley 700 DP
2 Garrett T3 turbos  .60 trim compressor,  .48 trim exhaust

All custom work done by me,  all trans work,  all everything! 


Enough chit chat ........

This is the rubbermaid battery box in the back,   no room up front.  Yes,  it's upside down,  easier to put terminals on then put the box on the lid and fasten it.   And IF this battery wants to blow,  no  this box won't hold it.    It just looks cool!  :-)

This is a current front shot,  no grille on it.   Dirty as hell as it's been sitting awhile.   My front license plate used to read "If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!"   but the left side got torched in a garage fire ...  (long story)

You can see the twin pusher fans in front of the radiator.    I'm not going to bore you with v8 swap details as almost everyone knows someone who has a v8 powered s-10 and knows what has to be done for the v8.


Here's a rebuilt T3 ready for war....     Saab wastegates preset at 4 psi i think,   i'll be cranking that up after any issues are resolved.


Heh,  a little humor,   this blazer really wanted to be supercharged....   :-)    

Here you can see both turbos.   They both have water cooled center sections,  making more of a hose mess...    All the plug wires are routed back behind the heads and down under the headers.  One note here,   for ANY small block owners out there,   put a serpentine drive belt setup on your vehicle,   saves those pesky belt tightening nightmares that I am SURE you know oh so well.


Driver's side up close.    This is a flipped header off a 1/2 ton Chevy pickup.   I cut and welded this ALOT to get it into place.  I still have to put some heat shield around the master cylinder and booster as the downpipe is right below it.

Passenger side turbo.   I moved the coil after this pic was taken to get away from too much extra heat.

The passenger downpipe.  TIGHT!   Need some heat shield here too.   Any v8 s-10 owner with a/c can attest to the space problems with a v8,  let alone 2 hooters under the hood!



More to come next weekend!