We bought this thing from a local gas station as it had no front clip and looked to be a good engine and trans.  Baah needed a tranny(440-t4) for his car at the time so we picked it up for 100 bux, no title..  I took the engine and the wheels (they matched the wheels on my 1987 Bonneville) and a few good parts from the interior (door glass).

Here is the damaged final product!   (read below for another story....)   :-)

This is me in my "Late Night" transmission teardown mode(old T440-T4 from Baah's 1988 olds)...   Notice the intense look of bewilderment/disgust....

more of the same

The bonne!


This is the engine it donated to our *engine room*.  It was previously a junkyard motor as it has the VIN from a 1987 Buick LeSabre written on the intake...  Runs Smooth!  (Note:  the engine room is a 12X20 shed filled with engines/trannies/parts.  We have another parts room in the barn which used to be the milkhouse)

If you look close in this next pic,   since we didn't have keys, we yanked the starter switch from the column and used the starter switch rod? as our key to start this turd...   we also had to bust the steering lock to make it steer, notice the column wiring exposed..

Heh,  This is us driving this car down an old road by the garage at 2 AM,   NO FRONT CLIP!  (no lights)  except,  you'll notice a the passenger holding a deer spotter out the sunroof for light,  yes,  we even had a Mag-lite for backup..    It was pretty cold that night,  about 20-30 degrees F so the passenger had the bad job of freezing their hand holding the light...   Hey,  we had to see if the tranny was okay!  Also,  the car had no taillights either....    the guy taking the pictures from the backseat was our *other car lookout*...  :-)

Also,  there was no drivers seat....   so the driver was sitting on a "Handy Sandy",  basically a small roll around garage stool with a small tool tray below it....   hehehhe,  you can't say that we don't know how to have fun!  hehehe    Very fun night.....